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589th News

More 589th Members added.

Here are the latest 589th Members added.

  1. Robert Lussier from Sugar Notch, PA
  2. William Smith from Gillespie, IL
  3. Clay Bolen from Texas City, TX
  4. Richard Radko from Delmar, NY
  5. Leland Wolf from Center, ND
  6. David Lindbloom from Bishop, CA
  7. Robert GoVan from Richmond, VA

That's all for now.

Be sure you check out the Reunion News page for our 2010 reunion info.

Latest Members

Here are the latest buddies added to our member page.
  1. Frank Hawkes from Mohawk, NY
  2. Jim Heintz from Selah, WA
  3. Robert Thomas from Spartenburg, SC
  4. Jerry Peacore from Klamath Falls, OR
  5. Harry Grant from Ellicott, MD
  6. Fred Turk from Adams, OR


Let's get busy guys and find some more!


Back on the search.

Here are the latest Members found:

  1. Gary Ashwill from Marana, AZ
  2. David Pauch from Clinton Township, MI
  3. Daniel Rodriguez from Tamarac, FL
  4. James Casto from Central Falls, RI
  5. John Engdahl from Indian Shores FL
  6. Ben Fortson from Milledgeville, GA
  7. James Goff from McColl, SC
  8. William Jarvinen from Bothell, WA
  9. Joseph Newell from Cortland, OH
  10. William Stafford from Akron, CO
  11. Donihue Lucas fromPinetown NC
  12. Thomas Power from Chelsea, MI
  13. Leroy Walston from Serria Vista, AZ
  14. Clearance Greer from St Robert, MO
  15. Jim Osterberg from Eden Prairie, MN
  16. James McCarthy from San Lorenzo, CA
  17. Oliver Butler from Rockwood TN
  18. Mike Morrish from Seguin, TX
  19. Gary Randall from Englewood, CO

I think I was a little behind on this update...




Reunion "Look Who's Coming!

This is the latest list of those that have indicated they are coming to this years reunion.
Blue = yes but no reservation.
Green = yes with reservation confirmed.

  First Last Co # Thurs 24th Fri 25th Sat 26th
1 Perry Blanchfield A 2 y y y
2 Lee Brown C 1 y y y
3 Gary Burns 513th DT 1   y
4 Oliver Butler C 1 y y y
5 Timothy Cameron A 1 y y  
6 Dennis Cluth C 1   y y
7 Al 1LT Cochran D HHC 1 y y y
8 David Cordingley C 1   y y
9 Larry Dorough D 2   y y
10 Thomas Driscoll A 2 y y y
11 Charles Fleming A 1   y y
12 Howard Getchell A 1 y y  
13 Bill Greenhalgh A 2   y y
14 Clerance Greer A 1   y y
15 Donald CPT Hazen HHC 1   y y
16 William Heflin A 1   y y
17 Larry Henderson A 2   y y
18 Sterling Hester HHC 2   y y
19 John Hunt A 2 y y y
20 Clyde Hutson C 1   y y
21 Larry Jinkins C 1 y y y
22 Randy Joyner A 2   y y
23 Charlie Klotz A ?      
24 Samuel CPT Lamey C 2   y y
25 Joe CPT Leary HHC ?      
26 Frank  SGM Leeder HHC 1   y y
27 Woodrow Lucy A 2 y y y
28 John Mayes A 2 y y y
29 John McLain A 2 y y y
30 Randy McNichols HHC,D 1   y y
31 Michael Morrish C 1   y y
33 James Payne A 2 y y y
34 Dennee 1LT Pendergrass B 1   y  
35 Robert Price A 1   y y
36 Jim Rippeth A 1   y y
37 Fletcher Sapp HHC 1   y  
38 Cirilo Silva C 2   y y
39 Bob Spencer A 1 y y y
40 Donald Swensrud C 2   y y
41 James Swick A 2   y y
42 Joseph Tancayo A 1 y y y
43 Jim Thacker A 1   y y
44 Richard Uselding A 2 y y y
45 Larry Westmoreland A 1 y y y

If you are not on this list and are coming please let me know so I can include you here. Also if you have not already done so please make your reservation per the phone number below. We have 35 rooms set aside and I think we might need a few more. You can book your room with or without using a credit card and put it on a 6PM hold at no risk to you so if you are reasonably sure you are coming book it now so we can see if we need to hold more rooms.

The latest Members Added

Here are the latest Buddies found:

  1. Doug Bassham from Pulaski, TN
  2. Fred Burpo from Danbury, CT
  3. Fred Buyze from Grand Rapids, MI
  4. David Cordingley from Silvis, IL
  5. Brian McKenna from Portland, OR
  6. Clifton Peacock from Houston, TX
  7. Bob Reinsmith from Sumner, MI
  8. Jim Rippeth from Broomfield, CO
  9. Cirilo Silva from Moreno Valley, CA
  10. Bob Young from Roseboro, NC

and that's all for now....

The latest 589th Members found.

Here are the buddies found this week:

  1. Glenn Ankrum from Glendale, AZ
  2. Lee Brown from Tremonton, UT
  3. Dennis Cluth from Oxford, MI
  4. Gilbert Lawson from Fairfield, TX
  5. Hugh McCaa from Fayette, AL
  6. Thomas Snigier from Livonia, MI
  7. Joseph "Pineapple" Tancayo from Kapolei, HI  
  8. Edward Teague from Toccoa, GA
  9. Thomas Venezia from Pittsburgh, PA
  10. Hoyt Woods from Port St Lucie, FL
  11. Myron Young from Riverhead, NY

That's all for now,

Latest Members

Here are the latest  589th Members.

  1. Joseph Bellino from Las Vegas NV
  2. Gary Burns from Cleveland, MO C
  3. CPT Al Cochran from Lake Charles LA
  4. CPT David Darwin from Lawrence KS
  5. Leon Greene from Grotoes VA
  6. Paul Konig from Ottawa IL
  7. Charlie Parker from Beaver Meadows PA
  8. 1LT Dennee Pendergrass from Columbia, MO
  9. Dale Steck from Willowbrook IL
  10. Bernard Williams from Windsor, VT
  11. Gary Younker from Hazleton PA

Welcome Home!


Latest Members found.

Here are the latest additions:
  1. Billy Brown from Adel, GA
  2. Randall Carey from Marion, AZ
  3. Terry Holand from Auburn TWP, OH
  4. Steve Honeycutt from Jonesville, VA
  5. Rick Jones from Phillipi, WV
  6. Jim Kelly from Winter Haven, FL
  7. Samuel Lamey from Maumelle, AR
  8. Orville Larkin from Amarillo, TX
  9. Randy McNichols from Darien, IL
  10. Dennis Morgan from Madera, CA
  11. Jimmy Whitener from Lehi, UT

Check out the "Who Am I" page and try to identify the Lost Buddy of the Week. If you see someone in a picture you would like to put on this page tell me which photo they are in and I will put them up.


One Hundred buddies found!

We have found our 100th 589th Alumni since I started this search for our old friends on May 10th 2009. The 100th friend found was a guy I was with at Phan Rang and played football against in the Florida state Class A football championship game in 1966. I played for Auburndale and he played for Starke, they won 24-7 and I still haven't got over it! His name is Randy Joyner and I just had a great conversation with him.

Here are the latest ones found:

  1. William Barentine from Phoenix, AZ
  2. Jerry Bryson from Rocky Face, GA
  3. David Chadsey from Etiwanda, CA
  4. Paul Fagg from Terre Haute. IN
  5. CPT Don Hazen from Alexandria, VA
  6. Gary Horner from Havana, IL
  7. Harold Jackson from, Cincinnati, OH
  8. John Joiner from Jacksonville, FL
  9. Randy Joyner from Alachua, FL
  10. MAJ Ed Marcy from Alexandria, VA
  11. Allan Marsdale from Oley, PA
  12. Lee Ravdin from Manhasset, NY
  13. Charles Smithson from Winston Salem, NC
  14. Donald Swensrud from Brooklyn Ctr, MN
  15. Ted Tinker from Rock Hill, SC
  16. 1SG James Wyly from El Paso, TX



More 589th Members

The latest contacts:
  1. Michael Diesing from Arlington Heights, IL
  2. Larry Dorough from Westover, AL
  3. Allen Harvy from Sufolk, VA
  4. Larry Jinkins from Newark, CA
  5. Joe Leary from Lenexa, KS
  6. Michael Morrish from Seguin, TX
  7. Antonio Pozos from San Antonio, TX
  8. Frank Pugliese from Elmira, NY
  9. Carmon Simerly from Mills River, NC
  10. Sterling Hester from Newburg, IN
  11. Mike Waugh from Mission Viejo, CA

"That's all Folks"

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